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Don L. Rondeau, President & CEO and Member, Board of Directors
Don L. Rondeau, President and CEO Don L. Rondeau is President ,CEO and Chairman of Total Security Services International (TSSI, Inc.). He is credited with taking TSSI, Inc., a once small but well-respected consulting company, to a company that has generated millions while supporting critically important projects. Under Mr. Rondeau’s direction, TSSI, Inc. secured its first federal contract as a prime contractor. His approach to business is quite legendary. TSSI, Inc. operations executive Sam Beatty states, "When Mr. Rondeau took over the leadership of our company, we were not operating at our best. Like many companies that existed before September 11th and the creation of DHS, we had the skill set necessary to protect, but lacked the ability to engage industry and agency alike with credibility. Sam Beatty continues, "We were solid before, but we are the best we have ever been since Mr. Rondeau acquired the company". Prior to taking charge over TSSI, Inc., Mr. Rondeau had already established himself as a homeland security and asset protection professional with a broad range of distinguished positions, appointments, and awards.

"I met Don shortly after 911 when I was assigned to the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force. I found Don do be the consummate professional and a true gentleman. He assisted the FBI, Marshal's Service, and the Alexandria Police and Sheriff's Department with resources to facilitate the transport of terrorism suspects from the Alexandria Jail to the Federal Courthouse. I also recall that Don, as a result of his contacts, debunking what appeared at the time to be good actionable intelligence, thus prevented the DHS from calling a "code red" and shutting down Washington, DC. Don is a good man and I would be glad to have him cover my back any time. Joe Morrash" April 24, 2012
Detective, Alexandria (VA) Police Department (Retired)

He is the author of Red Teaming: The Don L. Rondeau Method, a non-fiction book that chronicles his development of an anti-terrorism exercise methodology designed to identify potential terrorist tactics and targets. This methodology has its foundation in some of the investigative work he directed for Fortune 1000 companies. His method proved invaluable at identifying persons responsible for dozens of armed robberies and assaults. After the terrorist attacks of September 11th, he evolved the methodology to meet the challenges of terrorism. Mr. Rondeau has served as an executive consultant ( contractor) and service provider to the Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration where he lends his expertise to secure the transportation infrastructure for our Nation.

Letters of Appreciation, Awards & Certificates of Achievement
DocumentState of Maine Representative Letter of Appreciation
DocumentTSA - Information Sharing and Intelligence Analysis
DocumentMaryland Attorney General Letter of Appreciation
DocumentMaryland Delegate Carter / Missing Children Legislation Effort
DocumentDHS letter of appreciation – Middle East Briefings
DocumentDHS National Transportation Security Center of Excellence
DocumentNavy SEAL Training Letter
DocumentLetter of Appreciation - TSA Air Marshal
DocumentLetter of Appreciation - President George W. Bush
DocumentLetter Of Appreciation - Tom Ridge, Former Secy DHS
DocumentLetter Of Appreciation - Robert Stephen, DHS Under Secy Infrastructure Protection
DocumentAward Announcement - The President's Volunteer Service Award
DocumentAward Announcement - Points of Light Foundation Award
DocumentPoints of Light Foundation Award Certificate
DocumentCertificate of Appreciation - Chet L. Lunner, Asst Administrator - TSA
DocumentFBI Citizens' Academy - Certificate of Achievement

Mr. Rondeau began his career by serving in the United States Coast Guard where he spent rewarding time training recruits. From there, Mr. Rondeau found his way into various executive asset protection roles, most prominently serving as Directors of Asset Protection for two Fortune 1000 companies for nearly a decade. During this time, Rondeau successfully ran the investigations and oversaw the prosecution of hundreds of offenders involving cases of embezzlement, robbery, fraud, and other financial crimes and schemes. Here, Rondeau honed his ability to organically conduct full-scale investigations that culminated into successful resolution and prosecution, all while being responsible for keeping the company operating at its maximum efficiency and effectiveness – a unique, multi-disciplined role. Mr. Rondeau understands how to effectively conduct security operations and protect profitability. Most telling is that under the direction of Mr. Rondeau, the security divisions created a positive return on investment for the corporations. The security department that actually pays for itself and improves the bottom line is indeed a rare phenomenon.

Mr. Rondeau served as the Chief of Security/Director of Client Services for the Embassies of the State of Kuwait and Qatar(redacted). In this capacity, Rondeau directed the physical, personal event and travel security for the embassies and their residences in coordination with local law enforcement and in compliance with U.S. Department of State Regulations. The staff he directed included a contingent of highly skilled, armed special police officers who operated in the complex and politically sensitive embassy environment. Business luminaries such as former Washington Redskin, Superbowl Champion Rick "Doc" Walker and renowned economist, Jeff Thredgold, served in leadership positions in support of Mr. Rondeau.

5/22/12 - CEO Don L. Rondeau receives TSA Partnership award for his support of the First Observer Program

Article: Don L. Rondeau Leads The Way for School Bus Watch Initiative

Afterward, Mr. Rondeau accepted the position of Director of Claims & Security for the American Trucking Associations’ Safety and Loss Prevention Management Council, a national transportation support association where he was charged with representing and coordinating the security interests of the trucking industry. Mr. Rondeau was called upon to speak at various functions around the nation discussing issues related to homeland security and trucking. Various media outlets, state governments, law enforcement departments, and private companies sought his guidance and expertise in evaluating and creating programs and legislation related to trucking security. Rondeau often cites his time spent supporting member organizations and directing a council comprised of our Nation’s best and brightest trucking company executives as a highlight of his career. It was during his tenure with ATA that Rondeau became the first ever Director of the Highway Information Sharing Analysis Center (ISAC). This unique position was created in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11th. Rondeau led a pioneering effort. As part of the executive staff of the Highway Watch Security Program, he was embedded in an all-hazards federal operations center for the purpose of reviewing, gathering analyzing and sharing information and intelligence alongside the best and brightest intelligence analysts from multiple federal agencies on behalf of critical infrastructure owners and operators. Rondeau led a staff that was dedicated to representing the private sector interest in the intelligence community while adding value to the fed, state and local analytical processes. During this time, under the direction of Mr. Rondeau, the Highway ISAC was credited with identifying multiple people and situations deemed a danger to the US. It is because of his success in like programs that Mr. Rondeau is often referred to as one of our nation’s most credible conduits between the public and private sectors. Companies trust him with critical information. Federal, state, and local agencies trust him and rely on his knowledge of for-profit business. Mr. Rondeau has served as a much needed connector to bring together the public and private sectors on critical infrastructure protection matters. As such, while he serves as President & CEO of TSSI, Inc., he was re-appointed to the new role as the Director of Information-Intelligence Sharing for the First Observer Program. In this capacity, he directs the intelligence analysis and information sharing efforts of the current TSA First Observer Information Sharing Analysis Center. CEO Don L. Rondeau discusses a critical Homeland Security matterDuring his time overseeing these very important efforts aimed at identifying and analyzing potential terrorist threats, he has received honors and mentions for his work serving and protecting the Nation. Then Secretary of DHS, Tom Ridge, cited Mr. Rondeau’s "commitment to protecting America" and stated that Rondeau played a "critical role in mitigating and preventing terrorist attacks by enhancing coordination between the public and private sector". Further, the International Association of Counter-terrorism for Security Professionals named Mr. Rondeau the 2004-2005 Homeland Security Executive of the Year for his efforts in integrating the business acumen of the private sector with the defense and security expertise of the public sector. Mr. Rondeau has proven himself to be an information-sharing pioneer for both the public and private sectors. Then Under Secretary of Infrastructure Protection, Robert Stephan stated in a letter that Rondeau "Provided tremendous leadership during his tenure as Director of the TSA directed ISAC". Mr. Rondeau is credited with identifying multiple persons and situations deemed a concern to the safety and security of the United States. In addition to serving as the Director of the Highway Watch and First Observer Program ISACs, Mr. Rondeau assembled the entire team for the First Observer program. Every entity that participates in this very important program was initially recruited/invited and empowered by Mr. Rondeau. This includes, but is not limited to, Patton Boggs, the International Brotherhood of the Teamsters, the Owner Operator Independent Driver Association, and of course, Total Security Services International, Inc. among others.

While directing the company, Mr. Rondeau also serves as the program manager/executive for multiple, very critical training, intelligence and assessment programs: (Redacted)
  • DOD - Special Forces Command
  • FEMA – Port Assessment Program
  • National Transportation Center of Excellence (NTSCOE) – Study of mass shooter attacks and natural disaster impact to transportation infrastructure.
  • Intelishare – International Information Sharing Project
His forte is protecting and securing assets while protecting the profitability of the business community. This unique, multi-disciplined approach has helped to forge his excellent relationship, and reputation, with DHS, TSA, DOD, other agencies, and the private sector. During a taping for a cable network, former TSA Deputy Director, Stephen McHale declares, "Don L. Rondeau is very credible to critical infrastructure owners and operators"; former Director of FEMA, Joe Allbaugh, calls Rondeau, quite simply, "a Doer"; noted businessman and former NFL champion, Rick "Doc" Walker asserts, "Don spoke to the need to protect us from terrorists many years before the terrorist attacks of September 11th. Years before there was ever a Department of Homeland Security, Don spoke of that need."

Mr. Rondeau has hosted of a series of monthly HLS video briefs entitled "The Rondeau Report" and is a frequent anti-terrorism, transportation security guest and speaker on national network news (CNN, FOX, and HSTV Channel). In fact, Mr. Rondeau is a featured monthly guest on The Homeland Security Television Channel.

Mr. Rondeau holds certificates, diplomas and has completed courses in business, counter-terrorism, anti-terrorism, numerous emergency management disciplines, paralegal studies and legal investigations from such esteemed venues as Tulane Freeman School of Business MBA Cert Program , Harvard Medical School Continuing Education, Harvard School of Public Health, The National Preparedness Institute at St. Petersburg College, the USDA Graduate School, Georgetown University, FEMA Emergency Management Institute, and the FBI Citizens Academy (redacted). Mr. Rondeau received The President's Volunteer Service Award administered on behalf of The White House by the Points of Light Foundation (Award 2985).

Mr. Rondeau is the transportation security advisor and board member for the International Association of Counterterrorism for Security Professionals (IACSP), a former senior security advisor for the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA),Advisory board member - Homeland Security Television Channel, Advisory board member CARGONET and the Counterterrorism Security Research & Education Foundation, former board members for the American College of Certified Fraud Examiners International and the United States Association of Private Investigators. Rondeau serves on the board for the Haiti Business Development Corporation, and is a member of the Harvard Medical School (CE) Postgraduate Association and the FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association. Mr. Rondeau is very proud of the fact that he has had the opportunity to serve his nation by directing programs and concepts that he helped create. Rondeau states, "The times in which we live require incredible flexibility. One must possess an entrepreneurial spirit to really provide agencies and industry with the type of support they require to better protect us all."

Mr. Rondeau has also served as:
  • National Chief Security Advisor for the September 11th memorial, The Heart of America Quilt Project
  • Senior Vice President – Critical Infrastructure Protection – Macfadden Corporation
  • Vice President, Homeland Security Business Development – Alion Science & Technology
  • Project Manager – International Overseas Security Operations –Mr. Rondeau has served as the Director of International Security operations designed to protect the overseas assets of US based critical infrastructure owner /operators.
Rondeau states, "If I have been successful, it is due in large part to efforts of my team. My style of leadership empowers talented people to reach my objectives and client requirements by leveraging their skills. My staff is comprised of decision-makers not order-takers". Mr. Rondeau offers, "I create a vision, set a course, and then provide an environment that demands honor, productivity, and creativity... we are proof that business can serve".

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May 22, 2012 - CEO Don L. Rondeau receives TSA Partnership award for his support of the First Observer Program
CEO Don L. Rondeau receives TSA Partnership award for his support of the First Observer Program
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